Thursday, December 20, 2007

I miss you all !!!!!

To all my French classmates..... I miss you guys so very much. I have no idea what to do between 5-8pm nowadays...And I keep thinking of all the good times we had in the classroom.

Notre classe

Yesterday met Shruti, Kalpita, Prajakta, Insiya and Swarupa at HR college for yummy HR Chinese (slurp) !!! I couldnt believe that was the last time I'd be seeing Shruti, at least until next year... We kept forgetting that she'll going to EPFL, Lausanne...

I still cant forget the last day of class. We made this for Delna (our professor) :

I miss sitting in between Shruti and Kalpita and passing on random senseless messages, giggling without even knowing what was so funny and just simply enjoying each others company.... Sigh, all good things must come to an end, but I cant wait for January, when my next level begins. More friends, more nonsense, more memories :)

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Prerna 2007

I had a super-awesome time yesterday. WHARF-youth attended Prerna 2007 organized by SIESCOMS. Basically, it was an NGO exhibition, its prime motive being sales of NGO products and networking among NGOs. Initially I didn’t really think we’d be able to get much out of it (because we had nothing to sell, except an idea), but it turned out to be wonderful.....

Not only did we get tons of prospective members, but we also managed to secure contacts for future programmes..... Oh the joy !!!! We also conducted one of our sessions for the students over there… And Anuj, this is for you – It has taken a long time for WHARF-youth to reach this level..... And even though people might be skeptical of the way you run the organisation, I have full faith in you and will continue to support you always...... Even a special shout-out to Sonal, Priyal and Praveer who were there.

Again, I have to repeat that I’m glad I took a year off. I’ve had so many doubts about it, but the way WHARF-youth is evolving makes me believe that it was completely worth it. It has given me so many opportunities to just simply think (which we hardly do normally). I just hope it continues to contribute a little something to each and every member and becomes an unforgettable experience for everyone who is a part of it.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I'm IN

I'm IN. The London School of Economics & Political Science beckons !!!!! My dad is perhaps more excited than I am. He told me that when I was much younger, I always used to say that I want to go to LSE. I don't really remember that, but it's really happening now. I still have to worry about scholarships and funding I'm not exactly going "Woooooooo Hoooooooooooooo", but I'm happy. I'm glad I took a year off. I can still remember what it felt like a couple of months ago, not knowing what the future held and having to give "acceptable" answers whenever questioned. I always used to wonder if it was the right decision and now I can see it is. Not just bcoz I have a confirmed offer of admission, but simply bcoz it has given me more time to reflect on things and think of people and issues that really matter to me (I know, I know, sounds very philosophical. It has also given me time to unwind, especially after last year's hectic study schedule. I have so much time to do things that I've always wanted to...:):):):):) And I cannot thank my friends enough...... Harini who keeps asking me "life's difficult questions" and eventually ends up giving me the answers herself :).... Anuj, Shruti, Preeti, Mallika, Aaraatrika, Ena, Rakhi and so many others who just helped in some way....And my brother, who went crazy when he heard the news and who is now earning and who has now promised to set aside his entire salary for my use alone :)I guess I'm done with all the emo-ramblings... Hopefully something better for my next post...