Thursday, December 20, 2007

I miss you all !!!!!

To all my French classmates..... I miss you guys so very much. I have no idea what to do between 5-8pm nowadays...And I keep thinking of all the good times we had in the classroom.

Notre classe

Yesterday met Shruti, Kalpita, Prajakta, Insiya and Swarupa at HR college for yummy HR Chinese (slurp) !!! I couldnt believe that was the last time I'd be seeing Shruti, at least until next year... We kept forgetting that she'll going to EPFL, Lausanne...

I still cant forget the last day of class. We made this for Delna (our professor) :

I miss sitting in between Shruti and Kalpita and passing on random senseless messages, giggling without even knowing what was so funny and just simply enjoying each others company.... Sigh, all good things must come to an end, but I cant wait for January, when my next level begins. More friends, more nonsense, more memories :)

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The middling said...

Wonderful Wonderful post... felt like a ray of sunshine from between the grey clouds on a rainy monday morning :)

(hugs) miss all you guys..