Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy Commuting !!!

Whether you're a tourist or just someone who regularly commutes from one place to another in Mumbai, here's a little help to make your travel a little better.

The next time an auto rickshaw driver or taxi driver is horribly rude to you, or takes you for a ride, or has an illegal LPG kit in his vehicle, or does not have a proper permit, or refuses to go to a specific destiantion without a valid reason or has a meter that runs faster than light, you can register a complaint with the RTO (Road Transport Office). Here are the 3 simple steps to do so :

1. Take down the number of the auto rickshaw/taxi

2. Call up any of these numbers : 9969854555 / 27650701 / 27650702

3. Register your complaint and provide the vehicle number

I'm not sure how effetcive this new redressal system is going to be, but I'm definitely happy that it exists....

But, here's a little word for all the irrational passengers.

DONOT , I repeat DONOT unnecesarily complain just for petty tiffs with the driver. You MUST have a perfectly valid reason to lodge a complaint. Their job is quite stressful just like yours and they may have bad days at times, just like you. So give them a break.

Happy Commuting !!!

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