Monday, January 26, 2009

A Small Update

The past few months have been such a roller-coaster ride. It is the longest I’ve ever been away from home and honestly I do enjoy the independence. Just a few months at LSE have been life-changing. I know this sounds very clichéd, but it’s true. For the first time I’m truly excited about what I’m studying. The subject is something that I can lose myself in and get so involved in. I’m not going to sit and give a day by day account of everything in the past few months, but all I’ll say is that it has been an eye-opener. I always knew that I had so much to learn, but never quite really knew what it was that I had to. I still don’t know everything, but being at LSE these few months, I’m starting to realise some of them.....And I find some of my friends so inspiring, it’s hard not to learn anything from them. I’ve had so many ups and downs since I got here and I love having the freedom to take care of things myself.
Apart from that, the environment here is so stimulating. Dinners are filled with interesting conversations and controversial debates. I’ve already met people like Thomas Friedman and Jeffery Sachs.....How often does one get opportunities to listen to well-known people and question them in person? I’m loving this whole academic experience here. I know some people might wonder why I’m so much in awe of it because for many it isn’t really that great an experience.....But coming from a place where little was expected and where education had a completely different meaning, my mind feels liberated here. I enjoy the freedom that I’m given to have my own opinion and not be afraid to share it. I have an enormous amount of learning ahead of me and while it does seem challenging, I’m nothing, but excited about it.

PS: I miss all of you back home. Even if I’m not in constant touch, I want you all to know that I always think of you :)

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