Monday, December 12, 2005


My most sincere aplogies to all those who've been hoping to see some pictures of manori. I know I promised that they'd be ready by sunday....but I haven't been keeping well for the past few days....I'm on my way to recovery and I'll upload the pics as soon as I can.


Thrivin said...

Hey there, Rupal!

Good to see some action here again. I’ve no idea how to post new blogs on my own blog, so if you could help me out…? I really get frustrated with computers at times, especially the net! But it’s all good…

So what’s this about Manori? Where about in India is it? It rings a very faint bell, I must say. Sounds like you had a ball though, mate. I’m sure Indian sunsets are awesome. I have a friend who went to India once, and he told me about how there was a huge gathering of people on this one beach, just to catch a glimpse of the sunset. It’s times like these you learn to live again. Just pure bliss, amongst all the worldly problems. I remember, when I was a little boy, I used to go to work with my father for the day, and I’d read his autopsy reports, play with his microscopes, fool around in his swivel chair at his desk… it was great fun at the time. There was a fountain outside in the carpark, where I would always sit and eat my lunch with my father. I would always sit on the same spot on the 3rd bench, and so would he. He’d tell me stories… usually thrillers and horrors he’d make up from his post-mortems, and they’d always have a twist in the end… like it was actually the garbage collector who killed the maid, and not the post man… anyway, they were really entertaining. And at two-thirty, like clockwork everyday, that fountain would show off a display of water features, as a way to relax the people around… no matter how hot the weather was… that fountain was always icy cold. I used to love that.

I would try to follow in my father’s ways, I’d put on his laboratory coats, or pretend to read his textbooks, just to look interested… there was a time when I went to the city library, and I stole a copy of Gray’s Anatomy, just to put it on my shelf, so it looked sophisticated like my father’s study.
The point I’m trying to make here, and something I noticed Rupal hinting at in her blog, was that honestly… we only have 100 years to live, folks. 100 years to love. Fulfil every minute with 60 seconds of happiness and joy. As a person, as an individual… I’ve made some terrible mistakes in my life, I’ve hung out with the wrong crowd, been way out of control, had run-ins with the law and many times, embarrassed the name of my family. I’ve pissed away all my money… chased away anyone who’s ever really loved me… and recently, I can’t stand the face I see when I look in the mirror. It still haunts me from time to time when I reflect on my life and the position I’m in… but I also realize that I can put it behind me and be the person I want to be. I have no regrets about who I am or what I am. And I don’t think you should too. If you’re reading this, whoever you are… don’t walk around with your mouth shut. Open it and scream as loud as you want to. There’s no law against that, I’ve checked…
As you get older, things get taken from you. That’s part of life, anyway. But you only notice it when you start losing stuff… and you come to realize, that everything counts. 1 second too slow, 1 second too fast, you don’t quite make it. 1 inch too close, 1 inch too far, you don’t quite get it. That’s when I told myself… I’m gonna fight for that inch.
I tear myself and everyone else to pieces, for that inch.
I crawl with my fingernails, for that inch.
Because we know, when we add up all those inches, that’s gonna make the fuckin’ difference between getting there and not getting there.
No-one else is gonna do it for you. And you know something.? It’s always the guy who’s willing to die, who gets that inch.

Now, what are you gonna do?


PS: If you’re wondering, I did get caught with the textbook. Putting it back.

abha said...

a good blog to read,....thrivin's i mean!!!:)

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