Saturday, October 29, 2005

Perfection ???

Hmm….Perfection….now that’s something I’m obsessed with. Seriously, it’s one of the biggest flaws in me… I expect too much out of everything done by myself or anyone else….I’m even particular about the exact number of tomatoes and garlic cloves that my mom puts in my gravy !!!

However, I’ve come to realize one thing. Imperfection is beautiful….Imperfection is attractive….Imperfection is fascinating

We often say “Nature is so beautiful, it’s just perfect”….The truth is …. Nature has several imperfections…..Nature is perfect to us only because she has so many imperfections. A perfectly symmetrical leaf would probably seem unattractive when compared with one that’s not. Maybe it's because imperfection is abstract. Maybe because it gives us the freedom to decide what it means to us. Maybe because it gives us a chance to be more imaginative and less mundane.

Even when there is an archaeological find….the idols or figurines that are intact after excavation are no doubt interesting….but the ones that are imperfect and incomplete are far more intriguing….And why you may wonder ??? Because there’s an incomplete part of it that masks the stories behind it. It gives us the chance to go back in time and make up our own stories and cook up the possibilities…It gives us a chance to weave the untold tales that are hidden away by it’s imperfections.

Even if we look at the people we are surrounded by, it is their imperfections that make them more endearing. Just yesterday I was telling a friend of mine (name withheld on request…hehhehee)…that…there is no Mr. Perfect….It is the Mr. Slightly Imperfects who are much more lovable.

As I was typing this out on my pc…my mom just pointed out to me that Perfection is infact part of imperfection. This is how : “ Imperfect = I’mPerfect ” …Ok ok.. so I was dumb enough to not notice that early on. But there is so much truth in that statement…. Imperfections are what make things or people seem perfect for us. If everyone were perfect, we’d all be the same people. There would be no diversity and no scope for creativity. Even in my advertising lectures, we learn how to expand our creativity by exploiting the imperfections in society or the imperfections in human psychology.
It makes us believe that perfection or imperfection is nothing but holding up a mirror to our own thoughts or beliefs. For me, Imperfections are just Perfect !!!

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