Friday, May 16, 2008

And so it begins...

My orientation kit has finally arrived... After 7 whole days !!! My summer research internship with the Centre for Civil Society ( has begun... I've decided that I'd constantly update my blog on a weekly basis to discuss my progress at this internship. This week hasn't been very fruitful actually. My orientation kit arrived SO late. I still haven't been assigned a research guide and I've simply worked by myself on a topic that I haven't even finalized yet. As of now, the topic that has caught my attention is "The impact of privatization on water management systems in the K-ward of Mumbai" . I have to thank Sonal for helping me narrow down to this topic. After hours of research over the internet, I have fallen in love with this issue... In fact I'm surprised that I never expressed an opinion on this issue before. Maybe this is where CCS has played a bit of a motivating role. Its whole ideology is to encourage people to think about current issues that affect us and do something about it because only when you have a proactive population and strong public opinion, can change happen. One more day left for week 1 to end. Hopefully something better next week :)

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this sounds awesome :)

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