Friday, September 16, 2005

Student Luxuries

I was watching this debate cum GD on NDTV today. There were a couple of students from DPS, RK Puram…..often considered to be some of the brightest minds. Well towards the end, they were discussing whether or not a student should have luxuries while completing his/her education.
Now, this is a small message for the girl who was screaming at the top of her voice (Fatima, I think) does not mean an air conditioner and secondly, if you cant make sense in a GD, don’t open your mouth (especially on national television).

Ok…now this is what I think…..First, you need to define what luxury is…It’s such a subjective concept. A couple of years ago, as a student, the biggest luxury for me was my mom being at home and being able to cook me hot meals and even being able to demand from her to make me coffee at 2am. Now that she has devoted all her time to my education, it’s more of a necessity.
For my father, luxury meant having electricity in his home while he was a student. Today, I take it for granted. For my brother, luxury means being able to find a Hindi speaking friend in his college in Chennai. While he was here, he just took it for granted. Your luxuries wont always be luxuries !!!!!

Anyway, I’m not really in a mood to say more about that subject…….But yes, I wish I had my very own a student, that would definitely be my favourite luxury I guess…Atleast I wouldn’t have to travel for an hour and half to reach college...sigh

My exams are almost here and Business Law is driving me nuts !!!!!! It’s the same for every SYBComite…. Having Business Law as a subject is a liability, not a luxury. I’m terribly bored right now...I promise I’ll come up with something better in my next post. Please pray that I don’t lose my mind until then.

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