Saturday, February 25, 2006

Losing Faith...

I have absolutely no faith in the judicial system anymore… The Jessica Lal case is alarming and very very disturbing. After 7 years of dragging this case on, the court finally acquits the 9 accused ....what kind of justice is that ??? The evidences have been manipulated and have been tampered with. Even the prosecution hasn’t done its job well. When asked in court why the prosecution was targeting Manu Sharma as the prime accused, the public prosecutor only said that “I was ordered to do so”. I’m disgusted by the way in which the glitterati has responded… There were hundreds of people present at that party and no one but Malini Ramani testified…I wonder how their families would feel if they were shot in the head and nobody did anything about it… People like Manu Sharma should not be let off scot-free just because they come from rich and influential families.
Sabrina Lal has all my support and I believe she should not lose hope despite all her personal losses during these 7 years. This is where I think public opinion can play a very strong role by forcing the courts to order a re-trial.
The problem is, the law does not permit the victim or the victim’s family to re-appeal. The state court has the right to appeal and I wonder why they are still tight-lipped on this issue. I believe the law must have provisions through which the victim or the victim’s family is given the right to appeal in a higher court of justice. I have already signed a petition to be sent to the President requesting him to make possible the re-trial of this case, which should come to a conclusion within a fixed time frame, so that Jessica’s family wouldn’t have to go through 7 more harrowing years of waiting for nothing. I hope this grief translates into hope – not just for Jessica’s family, but also for the several other families whom justice has eluded.
Since this is a high-profiled case, it is getting the much needed public attention and sympathy...I believe that the accused should be proven guilty and put behind bars or even sentenced to death...... and justice should trickle-down to even those cases which are not as high-profiled as this one. Glamourization of justice should stop.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Stop the Madness !!!

The situation on the cartoon issue is going way out of hand...... I think the Islamic community is reacting in a very unreasonable manner. I don’t know if the rumours are true....but I think a prize money of Rs.51 crore has been announced to whoever kills the cartoon artist.....Why can’t the government focus on more constructive matters ???? The progress in states like UP is so sluggish that sometimes I wonder where they get so much energy from when they’re burning effigies and staging unnecessary protests.

No one even complained when cartoons of Lord Buddha were released. Islam in no way advocates violence to prove a point. However, by protesting in such a violent manner, the Islamic community is only proving their lack of tolerance and narrow-mindedness. The cartoons should have been taken in a light vein. The western world is already prejudiced against the Islamic community since 9/11. Such extreme reactions now only reinforce this kind of prejudice, not just by the west but also by other communities worldwide. Please put a stop to all the madness and focus all that energy into more meaningful activities.